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Mechanical Performance of Tire-Derived Aggregate Permeable Pavements Under Live Traffic Loads

R Raeesi, A Soltani, R King, MM Disfani

Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2022


Traditional pavements in urban areas are mainly rigid, impervious surfaces, resulting in augmented surface run off during rainfalls, thereby leading to flash-flooding and pollution of waterways. In comparison, permeable pavements permit percolation of water through surface layers, thus alleviating harmful environmental impacts. This study presents the authors’ recent experience in the development of an instrumented large-scale permeable pavement trial site—constructed using a combination of crushed rock (CR) and tire-derived aggregate (TDA), bonded by a polyurethane (PU) binder—located at a car park in South Australia. An area of approximately 400 m2 was paved using different TDA-based mix d..

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