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Impacts of stormwater infiltration on downslope soil moisture and tree water use

Andrew W Western, Meenakshi Arora, Matthew J Burns, Jeremie Bonneau, Jasmine K Thom, Chui Fern Yong, Robert B James, Peter J Poelsma, Tim D Fletcher



Infiltration of stormwater is a widely used strategy to mitigate the flooding and environmental risks that come from urban runoff and conventional urban drainage. An understanding of the fate of this infiltrated water is required for rigorous design. Principal design objectives are typically to restore more natural hydrology in order to protect receiving waters from pollution and hydrologic change. Without such understanding there is also a risk of unforeseen impacts on nearby infrastructure and urban vegetation. We sought to understand the pathways and fate of water from a stormwater infiltration basin. To trace water, we used a combination of water table monitoring and isotopic composition..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This project was funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery Program (DP170102870). In a previous role, Fletcher received payment for his contribution to the engineering design of the Wicks Reserve Infiltration System. We benefited from the early advice and ongoing support of Jeffrey J McDonnell (University of Saskatchewan). The authors would also like to sincerely thank our late colleague, Justin Costelloe, for his contributions to the early stages of this project. This paper benefited substantially from the suggestions from three anonymous reviewers and the Editor.