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Ultrafast dynamics and scattering of protic ionic liquids induced by XFEL pulses

Kajwal Kumar Patra, Ibrahim Eliah Dawod, Andrew Martin, Tamar L Greaves, Daniel Persson, Carl Caleman, Nicusor Timneanu



X-rays are routinely used for structural studies through scattering, and femtosecond X-ray lasers can probe ultrafast dynamics. We aim to capture the femtosecond dynamics of liquid samples using simulations and deconstruct the interplay of ionization and atomic motion within the X-ray laser pulse. This deconstruction is resolution dependent, as ionization influences the low momentum transfers through changes in scattering form factors, while atomic motion has a greater effect at high momentum transfers through loss of coherence. Our methodology uses a combination of classical molecular dynamics and plasma simulation on a protic ionic liquid to quantify the contributions to the scattering sig..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Carl Tryggers Foundation

Awarded by Swedish Research Council

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the support from Carl Tryggers Foundation for providing a postdoctoral grant (CTS 18:392) for research activity at Uppsala University, and the Swedish Research Council for financial support through grant 2019-3935. We acknowledge the funding support for AM, TG and CC from the Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant (DP190103027). CC acknowledges the Swedish Research Council (grant 2018-00740) and the Helmholtz Association through the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science at DESY.