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Pollutant removal performance of field scale dual-mode biofilters for stormwater, greywater, and groundwater treatment

K Zhang, NJ Barron, Y Zinger, B Hatt, V Prodanovic, A Deletic

Ecological Engineering | Published : 2021


To extend the application of stormwater biofilters (known also as bioretention systems or raingarden) under varied climate conditions, the concept of dual-mode biofilters (i.e., a biofilter that treats two sources of water) has recently emerged. However, studies of these systems have been limited to the laboratory-scale, and validation of the new concept at the field-scale is paramount. This paper presents results from the first field study on two full-scale dual-mode biofilters that operate under different climate conditions and operational regimes. The first, a dual-mode stormwater-greywater biofilter located in Jurong, China, received stormwater and greywater in various combinations. The ..

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