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Seasonal operation of dual-mode biofilters: The influence of plant species on stormwater and greywater treatment.

Natalie J Barron, Belinda Hatt, Juri Jung, Yao Chen, Ana Deletic

Sci Total Environ | Published : 2020


The use of stormwater biofilters (also known as bioretention systems and raingardens), in tropical and semi-arid areas is hindered by seasonal rainfall patterns which cause extended dry periods. These periods can result in plant die-off, long-term damage to system health and leaching of pollutants when stormwater inflows resume. Using an additional polluted water source during dry periods could minimise system stress and eliminate the need to irrigate biofilters with potable water during dry spells. As such, the presented laboratory study tested the seasonal operation of biofilters, by switching from stormwater treatment in wet months to greywater treatment in dry months. Forty-five single p..

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