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Phosphorus Fate and Dynamics in Greywater Biofiltration Systems.

Harsha S Fowdar, Belinda E Hatt, Tom Cresswell, Jennifer J Harrison, Perran LM Cook, Ana Deletic

Environ Sci Technol | Published : 2017


Phosphorus, a critical environmental pollutant, is effectively removed from stormwater by biofiltration systems, mainly via sedimentation and straining. However, the fate of dissolved inflow phosphorus concentrations in these systems is unknown. Given the growing interest in using biofiltration systems to treat other polluted waters, for example greywater, such an understanding is imperative to optimize designs for successful long-term performance. A mass balance method and a radiotracer, 32P (as H3PO4), were used to investigate the partitioning of phosphorus (concentrations of 2.5-3.5 mg/L, >80% was in dissolved inorganic form) between the various biofilter components at the laboratory scal..

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