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Dual-mode stormwater-greywater biofilters: The impact of alternating water sources on treatment performance.

Natalie J Barron, Ana Deletic, Juri Jung, Harsha Fowdar, Yao Chen, Belinda E Hatt

Water Res | Published : 2019


The intermittent nature of stormwater runoff impacts the treatment performance of biofilters, also known as stormwater biofiltration or bioretention systems and raingardens. During extended dry periods, which are common even in temperate climates, plants can perish, creating unattractive and non-functional systems that might leach pollutants during the next rainfall event. The current solution is to irrigate during long dry spells, which is costly and unsustainable as biofilters become more widespread. This paper presents the development of dual-mode biofilters, where stormwater and greywater are treated within the same system. Fifty columns, utilising eight plant species, including understo..

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