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Mathematically aggregating experts' predictions of possible futures

AM Hanea, DP Wilkinson, M McBride, A Lyon, D van Ravenzwaaij, F Singleton Thorn, C Gray, DR Mandel, A Willcox, E Gould, ET Smith, F Mody, M Bush, F Fidler, H Fraser, BC Wintle



Structured protocols offer a transparent and systematic way to elicit and combine/aggregate, probabilistic predictions from multiple experts. These judgements can be aggregated behaviourally or mathematically to derive a final group prediction. Mathematical rules (e.g., weighted linear combinations of judgments) provide an objective approach to aggregation. The quality of this aggregation can be defined in terms of accuracy, calibration and informativeness. These measures can be used to compare different aggregation approaches and help decide on which aggregation produces the "best" final prediction. When experts' performance can be scored on similar questions ahead of time, these scores can..

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Awarded by Defence Advanced Research Projects Activity (DARPA), SCORE program

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