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pyam: Analysis and visualisation of integrated assessment and macro-energy scenarios

Daniel Huppmann, Matthew J Gidden, Zebedee Nicholls, Jonas Hörsch, Robin Lamboll, Paul N Kishimoto, Thorsten Burandt, Oliver Fricko, Edward Byers, Jarmo Kikstra, Maarten Brinkerink, Maik Budzinski, Florian Maczek, Sebastian Zwickl-Bernhard, Lara Welder, Erik Francisco Álvarez Quispe, Christopher J Smith

Open Research Europe | F1000 Research Ltd


The open-source Python package pyam provides a suite of features and methods for the analysis, validation and visualization of reference data and scenario results generated by integrated assessment models, macro-energy tools and other frameworks in the domain of energy transition, climate change mitigation and sustainable development. It bridges the gap between scenario processing and visualisation solutions that are "hard-wired" to specific modelling frameworks and generic data analysis or plotting packages. The package aims to facilitate reproducibility and reliability of scenario processing, validation and analysis by providing well-tested and documented methods for working with timeseri..

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