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Radiomics feature stability of open-source software evaluated on apparent diffusion coefficient maps in head and neck cancer

James C Korte, Carlos Cardenas, Nicholas Hardcastle, Tomas Kron, Jihong Wang, Houda Bahig, Baher Elgohari, Rachel Ger, Laurence Court, Clifton D Fuller, Sweet Ping Ng



Radiomics is a promising technique for discovering image based biomarkers of therapy response in cancer. Reproducibility of radiomics features is a known issue that is addressed by the image biomarker standardisation initiative (IBSI), but it remains challenging to interpret previously published radiomics signatures. This study investigates the reproducibility of radiomics features calculated with two widely used radiomics software packages (IBEX, MaZda) in comparison to an IBSI compliant software package (PyRadiomics). Intensity histogram, shape and textural features were extracted from 334 diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images of 59 head and neck cancer (HNC) patients from the PREDI..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This project is supported by funding from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, RSNA Fellow Grant, Mike Hogg Fund, and RANZCR research grants.