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M3. Topological Analyses of Metabolomic Data to Identify Markers of Early Psychosis and Disease Biotypes

Margot Fournier, Martina Scolamiero, Mehdi Gholam-Rezaee, Hélène Moser, Carina Ferrari, Philipp S Baumann, Vilinh Tran, Raoul Jenni, Luis Alameda, Karan Uppal, Dean Jones, Michel Cuenod, Martin Preisig, Philippe Conus, Kathryn Hess, Kim Do

Schizophrenia bulletin | Published : 2017


Abstract Background: Early interventions in psychosis are key to improving patients’ functional outcome, engagement, and quality of treatment. In this context, biomarkers that quantify disease state, course, or response to medication should be developed to aid in diagnostics and treatment decision at early stages of the disease. The present study aims at identifying metabolites and pathways that are early makers of psychosis and that distinguish biomarker-based categories (biotypes) of patients. Methods: We studied a cohort of psychiatric patients (n = 188) and healthy controls (n = 157) recruited in Lausanne area. The majority of the diagnoses are in the schizophrenia spectrum (25% 5 years)..

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