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Laser powder bed fusion of ultrahigh strength Fe-Cu alloys using elemental powders

A Zafari, K Xia

Additive Manufacturing | Published : 2021


Laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) was employed to produce Fe and Fe-(10–50 vol%) Cu immiscible alloys using elemental powders. The addition of 10 vol% Cu to Fe resulted in ultrahigh compressive yield and ultimate strengths of >~ 1000 and ~ 1400 MPa (more than 2 times greater than those in LPBF Fe and 4–6 times than in conventionally processed Fe), respectively, with fracture strain of ~ 20%. However, a further increase in the amount of Cu gave rise to significantly more heterogeneous microstructures with non-uniform distribution of Cu, leading to considerable liquation cracking, large voids and reduced strength and plasticity. Strengthening was primarily attributable to the dispersion of nano-C..

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