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Microbial Phosphorus Mobilization Strategies Across a Natural Nutrient Limitation Gradient and Evidence for Linkage With Iron Solubilization Traits.

Shi Wang, Robert Walker, Marcus Schicklberger, Peter S Nico, Patricia M Fox, Ulas Karaoz, Romy Chakraborty, Eoin L Brodie

Front Microbiol | Published : 2021


Microorganisms have evolved several mechanisms to mobilize and mineralize occluded and insoluble phosphorus (P), thereby promoting plant growth in terrestrial ecosystems. However, the linkages between microbial P-solubilization traits and the preponderance of insoluble P in natural ecosystems are not well known. We tested the P solubilization traits of hundreds of culturable bacteria representative of the rhizosphere from a natural gradient where P concentration and bioavailability decline as soil becomes progressively more weathered. Aluminum, iron phosphate and organic P (phytate) were expected to dominate in more weathered soils. A defined cultivation medium with these chemical forms of P..

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