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A Review on the Effect of Temporal Geometric Variations of the Coronary Arteries on the Wall Shear Stress and Pressure Drop.

Navid Freidoonimehr, Rey Chin, Anthony Zander, Maziar Arjomandi

J Biomech Eng | Published : 2022


Temporal variations of the coronary arteries during a cardiac cycle are defined as the superposition of the changes in the position, curvature, and torsion of the coronary artery axis markers and the variations in the lumen cross-sectional shape due to the distensible wall motion induced by the pulse pressure and contraction of the myocardium in a cardiac cycle. This review discusses whether modeling of the temporal variations of the coronary arteries is needed for the investigation of hemodynamics specifically in time-critical applications such as a clinical environment. The numerical modelings in the literature that model or disregard the temporal variations of the coronary arteries on the..

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