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Consensus-Based Recommendations on the Prevention of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: A Delphi Consensus Statement.

Paul R Massey, Chrysalyne D Schmults, Sara J Li, Sarah T Arron, Maryam M Asgari, Jan Nico Bouwes Bavinck, Elizabeth Billingsley, Travis W Blalock, Katie Blasdale, Bryan T Carroll, John A Carucci, Alvin H Chong, Sean R Christensen, Christina Lee Chung, Jennifer A DeSimone, Emilie Ducroux, Begoña Escutia-Muñoz, Carla Ferrándiz-Pulido, Matthew C Fox, Roel E Genders Show all

JAMA Dermatol | Published : 2021


Importance: There is a paucity of evidence to guide physicians regarding prevention strategies for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC) in solid organ transplant recipients (SOTRs). Objective: To examine the development and results of a Delphi process initiated to identify consensus-based medical management recommendations for prevention of CSCC in SOTRs. Evidence Review: Dermatologists with more than 5 years' experience treating SOTRs were invited to participate. A novel actinic damage and skin cancer index (AD-SCI), consisting of 6 ordinal stages corresponding to an increasing burden of actinic damage and CSCC, was used to guide survey design. Three sequential web-based surveys were ad..

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