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Trust, quality, and the network collection experience: A tale of two studies on the Democratic Republic of the Congo

P Stys, S Muhindo, S N'simire, I Tchumisi, P Muzuri, B Balume, J Koskinen

Social Networks | Published : 2022


Data collection in social network research has advanced to include online questionnaires, digital metadata mining of internet sites, and the use of remote-sensing technologies. Some scholars however call for more attention to nuanced understandings of ties and contexts in studies of social structure and relationships, evoking practices that characterise the field's foundational works. This article's two studies reference these earlier efforts, drawing on ethnography and primary data collection. Both were undertaken in conflict-affected eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and broadly aimed to refine understandings of public authority and governance. Such research strives to inform ..

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