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Validation of a Semiautomatic Image Analysis Software for the Quantification of Musculoskeletal Tissues

Mahdi Imani, Ebrahim Bani Hassan, Sara Vogrin, Aaron Samuel Tze Nor Ch'Ng, Nancy E Lane, Jane A Cauley, Gustavo Duque



Accurate quantification of bone, muscle, and their components is still an unmet need in the musculoskeletal field. Current methods to quantify tissue volumes in 3D images are expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming; thus, a reliable, valid, and quick application is highly needed. Tissue Compass is a standalone software for semiautomatic segmentation and automatic quantification of musculoskeletal organs. To validate the software, cross-sectional micro-CT scans images of rat femur (n = 19), and CT images of hip and abdomen (n = 100) from the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study were used to quantify bone, hematopoietic marrow (HBM), and marrow adipose tissue (MAT) using commercia..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded via a Seed Grant from the Australian Institute for Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS). EB was supported by the Australian Medical Research Frontiers Fund fellowship (MRFF; Melbourne Academic Centre for Health: MACH-RART scheme, 2019).