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Engineering of Chitosan-Hydroxyapatite-Magnetite Hierarchical Scaffolds for Guided Bone Growth.

Alessandro Pistone, Consuelo Celesti, Elpida Piperopoulos, Deepu Ashok, Arianna Cembran, Antonio Tricoli, David Nisbet

Materials (Basel) | Published : 2019


Bioabsorbable materials have received increasing attention as innovative systems for the development of osteoconductive biomaterials for bone tissue engineering. In this paper, chitosan-based composites were synthesized adding hydroxyapatite and/or magnetite in a chitosan matrix by in situ precipitation technique. Composites were characterized by optical and electron microscopy, thermogravimetric analyses (TGA), x-ray diffraction (XRD), and in vitro cell culture studies. Hydroxyapatite and magnetite were found to be homogeneously dispersed in the chitosan matrix and the composites showed superior biocompatibility and the ability to support cell attachment and proliferation; in particular, th..

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