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Hydrogel-Immobilized Supercharged Proteins

EC Campbell, J Grant, Y Wang, M Sandhu, RJ Williams, DR Nisbet, AW Perriman, DW Lupton, CJ Jackson

Advanced Biosystems | Published : 2018


The remarkable catalytic potential of enzymes in chemical synthesis, environmental bioremediation, and medical therapeutics is limited by their longevity and stability. Immobilization of enzymes on solid supports is demonstrated to improve the stability of biocatalysts but often relies on multiple chemical steps for covalent attachment and is limited by the physical properties of the various supports. Here, production of enzyme: hydrogel complexes is described via engineering of a cationic supercharged phosphotriesterase. These enzyme: hydrogel complexes are remarkably robust displaying no loss of catalytic activity after 80 d of use and up to 105 turnovers when used in a flow reactor at cat..

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