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Controlling integrin-based adhesion to a degradable electrospun fibre scaffold via SI-ATRP.

Andrew E Rodda, Francesca Ercole, Veronica Glattauer, David R Nisbet, Kevin E Healy, Andrew P Dove, Laurence Meagher, John S Forsythe

J Mater Chem B | Published : 2016


While polycaprolactone (PCL) and similar polyesters are commonly used as degradable scaffold materials in tissue engineering and related applications, non-specific adsorption of environmental proteins typically precludes any control over the signalling pathways that are activated during cell adhesion to these materials. Here we describe the preparation of PCL-based fibres that facilitate cell adhesion through well-defined pathways while preventing adhesion via adsorbed proteins. Surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerisation (SI-ATRP) was used to graft a protein-resistant polymer brush coating from the surface of fibres, which had been electrospun from a brominated PCL macroinitiator..

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