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Automated Fourier space region-recognition filtering for off-axis digital holographic microscopy.

Xuefei He, Chuong Vinh Nguyen, Mrinalini Pratap, Yujie Zheng, Yi Wang, David R Nisbet, Richard J Williams, Melanie Rug, Alexander G Maier, Woei Ming Lee

Biomed Opt Express | Published : 2016


Automated label-free quantitative imaging of biological samples can greatly benefit high throughput diseases diagnosis. Digital holographic microscopy (DHM) is a powerful quantitative label-free imaging tool that retrieves structural details of cellular samples non-invasively. In off-axis DHM, a proper spatial filtering window in Fourier space is crucial to the quality of reconstructed phase image. Here we describe a region-recognition approach that combines shape recognition with an iterative thresholding method to extracts the optimal shape of frequency components. The region recognition technique offers fully automated adaptive filtering that can operate with a variety of samples and imag..

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