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In vitro corrosion survey of Mg-xCa and Mg-3Zn-yCa alloys with and without calcium phosphate conversion coatings

XB Chen, NT Kirkland, H Krebs, MA Thiriat, S Virtanen, D Nisbet, N Birbilis

Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology | Published : 2012


Magnesium alloys are promising orthopaedic bioresorbable implant candidates, however, their inherent rapid corrosion rate in physiological media currently limits their clinical applications. In this work, the in vitro corrosion of a series of Mg-xCa and Mg-3Zn-yCa alloys (wt-%) was systematically studied. These compositions were selected so the alloys could be comprised of biocompatible elements and to explore the role of Ca in the alloy itself upon subsequent calcium phosphate (CaP) coating efficiency. A simulated body environment was reproduced via minimum essential medium (MEM) and exposure in a CO 2 incubator at 37°C. The effect of Ca and Zn additions on the corrosion rate of Mg was exam..

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