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Nitrogen Rejection from Methane via a "Trapdoor" K-ZSM-25 Zeolite.

Jianhua Zhao, Seyed Hesam Mousavi, Gongkui Xiao, Abdol Hadi Mokarizadeh, Thomas Moore, Kaifei Chen, Qinfen Gu, Ranjeet Singh, Ali Zavabeti, Jefferson Zhe Liu, Paul A Webley, Gang Kevin Li

J Am Chem Soc | Published : 2021


Nitrogen (N2) rejection from methane (CH4) is the most challenging step in natural gas processing because of the close similarity of their physical-chemical properties. For decades, efforts to find a functioning material that can selectively discriminate N2 had little outcome. Here, we report a molecular trapdoor zeolite K-ZSM-25 that has the largest unit cell among all zeolites, with the ability to capture N2 in favor of CH4 with a selectivity as high as 34. This zeolite was found to show a temperature-regulated gas adsorption wherein gas molecules' accessibility to the internal pores of the crystal is determined by the effect of the gas-cation interaction on the thermal oscillation of the ..

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