Journal article

The three ghosts of medical AI: Can the black-box present deliver?

Thomas P Quinn, Stephan Jacobs, Manisha Senadeera, Vuong Le, Simon Coghlan

Artif Intell Med | Published : 2022


Our title alludes to the three Christmas ghosts encountered by Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, who guide Ebenezer through the past, present, and future of Christmas holiday events. Similarly, our article takes readers through a journey of the past, present, and future of medical AI. In doing so, we focus on the crux of modern machine learning: the reliance on powerful but intrinsically opaque models. When applied to the healthcare domain, these models fail to meet the needs for transparency that their clinician and patient end-users require. We review the implications of this failure, and argue that opaque models (1) lack quality assurance, (2) fail to elicit trust, and (3) restrict p..

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