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Novel Gyrification Networks Reveal Links with Psychiatric Risk Factors in Early Illness.

Rachele Sanfelici, Anne Ruef, Linda A Antonucci, Nora Penzel, Aristeidis Sotiras, Mark Sen Dong, Maria Urquijo-Castro, Julian Wenzel, Lana Kambeitz-Ilankovic, Meike D Hettwer, Stephan Ruhrmann, Katharine Chisholm, Anita Riecher-Rössler, Peter Falkai, Christos Pantelis, Raimo KR Salokangas, Rebekka Lencer, Alessandro Bertolino, Joseph Kambeitz, Eva Meisenzahl Show all

Cereb Cortex | Published : 2021


Adult gyrification provides a window into coordinated early neurodevelopment when disruptions predispose individuals to psychiatric illness. We hypothesized that the echoes of such disruptions should be observed within structural gyrification networks in early psychiatric illness that would demonstrate associations with developmentally relevant variables rather than specific psychiatric symptoms. We employed a new data-driven method (Orthogonal Projective Non-Negative Matrix Factorization) to delineate novel gyrification-based networks of structural covariance in 308 healthy controls. Gyrification within the networks was then compared to 713 patients with recent onset psychosis or depression..

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