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The dissociation of HNO. I. Potential energy surfaces for the X̃1A′, Ã1A′, and ã3A′ states

DH Mordaunt, H Flöthmann, M Stumpf, HM Keller, C Beck, R Schinke, K Yamashita

Journal of Chemical Physics | Published : 1997


Three-dimensional potential energy surfaces for the X̃1A″, Ã1A″, and ã3A″ states of HNO have been calculated at the multireference configuration interaction (MRCI) level of ab initio theory. Energy points are calculated at 1728 molecular configurations, predominantly sampling the HNO well and the H+NO product channel regions. Energies between grid points are obtained by interpolation with a three-dimensional cubic spline. The well depths are 2.14, 1.27, and 0.38 eV for X̃1A″, ã3A″, and Ã1A″, respectively. Saddle points to inversion, isomerization, and dissociation are reported and their importance discussed to relevant processes. The HNO(X̃1A″) potential energy surface is purely attractive a..

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