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How Do Music Activities Affect Health and Well-Being? A Scoping Review of Studies Examining Psychosocial Mechanisms.

Genevieve A Dingle, Leah S Sharman, Zoe Bauer, Emma Beckman, Mary Broughton, Emma Bunzli, Robert Davidson, Grace Draper, Sheranne Fairley, Callyn Farrell, Libby Maree Flynn, Sjaan Gomersall, Mengxun Hong, Joel Larwood, Chiying Lee, Jennifer Lee, Lewis Nitschinsk, Natalie Peluso, Sarah Elizabeth Reedman, Dianna Vidas Show all

Front Psychol | Frontiers Media SA | Published : 2021


Background: This scoping review analyzed research about how music activities may affect participants' health and well-being. Primary outcomes were measures of health (including symptoms and health behaviors) and well-being. Secondary measures included a range of psychosocial processes such as arousal, mood, social connection, physical activation or relaxation, cognitive functions, and identity. Diverse music activities were considered: receptive and intentional music listening; sharing music; instrument playing; group singing; lyrics and rapping; movement and dance; and songwriting, composition, and improvisation. Methods: Nine databases were searched with terms related to the eight music ac..

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