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Elevated CO2 in semi-arid cropping systems: A synthesis of research from the Australian Grains Free Air CO2 Enrichment (AGFACE) research program

GJ Fitzgerald, M Tausz, R Armstrong, J Panozzo, P Trębicki, M Mollah, S Tausz-Posch, C Walker, JG Nuttall, M Bourgault, M Löw, D Partington, CR Butterly, SK Lam, RM Norton, GJ O'Leary

Advances in Agronomy | Published : 2021


Climate change impacts to crop production are likely to be greatest in semi-arid regions already constrained by marginal growing conditions. The response of temperate grain crops (wheat, field pea and lentil) to elevated CO2 (eCO2) (550 μmol mol− 1) under semi-arid field conditions was studied over 11 years in the Australian Grains Free Air CO2 Enrichment (AGFACE) research program. This review synthesizes key outcomes and implications for crop adaptation in a semi-arid environment. Across all crops and environments, eCO2 increased mean yields (16–58%) compared to current ambient (aCO2) concentrations. Wheat yields increased by 18% and 29% under rainfed and supplemental irrigation, respective..

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