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Assessment of RumiWatch noseband sensors for the quantification of ingestive behaviors of dairy cows at grazing or fed in stalls

N Norbu, PS Alvarez-Hess, BJ Leury, MM Wright, ML Douglas, PJ Moate, SRO Williams, LC Marett, JB Garner, WJ Wales, MJ Auldist

Animal Feed Science and Technology | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


The RumiWatch System (Itin+Hoch GmbH, Liestal, Switzerland) is a sensor system that enables quantification of ingestive behaviors of cattle that may be useful, amongst other things, for estimating dry matter intake. There are currently multiple versions of the RumiWatch Converter software used to convert the recorded data into specific animal behaviors through the use of algorithms. The objective of this research was to evaluate the use of RumiWatch System noseband sensors for quantifying the number of prehension bites and mastication chews in grazing and stall-fed dairy cows using RumiWatch Converter software versions (RWC36) and (RWC13). Two experiments using lactating Ho..

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