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Metabolite diffusion into bundle sheath cells from c(4) plants: relation to c(4) photosynthesis and plasmodesmatal function.

H Weiner, JN Burnell, IE Woodrow, HW Heldt, MD Hatch

Plant Physiol | Published : 1988


The present studies provide the first measurements of the resistance to diffusive flux of metabolites between mesophyll and bundle sheath cells of C(4) plants. Species examined were Panicum miliaceum, Urochloa panicoides, Atriplex spongiosa, and Zea mays. Diffusive flux of metabolites into isolated bundle sheath cells was monitored by following their metabolic transformation. Evidence was obtained that the observed rapid fluxes occurred via functional plasmodesmata. Diffusion constants were determined from the rate of transformation of limiting concentrations of metabolites via cytosolic enzymes with high potential velocities and favorable equilibrium constants. Values on a leaf chlorophyll ..

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