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Measuring and forecasting progress in education: what about early childhood?

Linda M Richter, Jere R Behrman, Pia Britto, Claudia Cappa, Caroline Cohrssen, Jorge Cuartas, Bernadette Daelmans, Amanda E Devercelli, Gunther Fink, Sandra Fredman, Jody Heymann, Florencia Lopez Boo, Chunling Lu, Elizabeth Lule, Dana Charles McCoy, Sara N Naicker, Nirmalo Rao, Abbie Raikes, Alan Stein, Claudia Vazquez Show all



A recent Nature article modelled within-country inequalities in primary, secondary, and tertiary education and forecast progress towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets related to education (SDG 4). However, their paper entirely overlooks inequalities in achieving Target 4.2, which aims to achieve universal access to quality early childhood development, care and preschool education by 2030. This is an important omission because of the substantial brain, cognitive and socioemotional developments that occur in early life and because of increasing evidence of early-life learning's large impacts on subsequent education and lifetime wellbeing. We provide an overview of this evidence an..

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Awarded by UKRI Collective Fund Award

Funding Acknowledgements

UKRI Collective Fund Award (Grant Ref: ES/T003936/1) to the University of Oxford (PIs: Alan Stein, Linda Richter), UKRI GCRF Harnessing the power of global data to support young children's learning and development: Analyses, dissemination and implementation. J.R.B. and C.V. also received funding from the Open Society Foundations in collaboration with the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN), for the 'The Plug and Play' program for cost of inaction for early life investments in low- and middle-income countries'.