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Diaspora to the rescue: The role of civil society groups in helping Indians stranded by the COVID-19 pandemic

P Taneja, S Dhanji

Transnational Civil Society in Asia: The Potential of Grassroots Regionalization | Routledge | Published : 2021


As the novel coronavirus began to spread worldwide in early 2020, millions of people were stranded in different parts of the world because of the travel restrictions imposed by various governments and the cancellation or suspension of flights by international airlines. They included hundreds of thousands of Indian tourists, students, workers on short-term visas, and families visiting relatives in far-flung parts of the world. While the Indian government organized special flights to ferry some of them home, many were left stranded without official assistance or the means to support themselves in foreign lands. But a loosely organized network of not-for-profit organizations, run by members of ..

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