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Dependence receptors: new targets for cancer therapy

Morgan Brisset, Melodie Grandin, Agnes Bernet, Patrick Mehlen, Frederic Hollande



Dependence receptors are known to promote survival and positive signaling such as proliferation, migration, and differentiation when activated, but to actively trigger apoptosis when unbound to their ligand. Their abnormal regulation was shown to be an important feature of tumorigenesis, allowing cancer cells to escape apoptosis triggered by these receptors while promoting in parallel major aspects of tumorigenesis such as proliferation, angiogenesis, invasiveness, and chemoresistance. This involvement in multiple cancer hallmarks has raised interest in dependence receptors as targets for cancer therapy. Although additional studies remain necessary to fully understand the complexity of signa..

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Funding Acknowledgements

FH and PM wish to acknowledge the support of INSERM and the University of Melbourne (LIA2018) "Targeting cancer cell plasticity and self-renewal to personalize cancer treatment" funded project). MB receives a scholarship under the University of Melbourne-CNRS Network (MCN2020) program. FH is supported by the NHMRC of Australia (Grant 1164081). MG gratefully acknowledges support from the John Landerer Fellowship.