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High Throughput Screening of the NatureBank 'Marine Collection' in a Haemonchus Bioassay Identifies Anthelmintic Activity in Extracts from a Range of Sponges from Australian Waters

Aya C Taki, Joseph J Byrne, Abdul Jabbar, Kah Yean Lum, Sasha Hayes, Russell S Addison, Kelsey S Ramage, Andreas Hofmann, Merrick G Ekins, Tao Wang, Bill CH Chang, Rohan A Davis, Robin B Gasser

MOLECULES | MDPI | Published : 2021


Widespread resistance in parasitic nematodes to most classes of anthelmintic drugs demands the discovery and development of novel compounds with distinct mechanisms of action to complement strategic or integrated parasite control programs. Products from nature-which assume a diverse 'chemical space'-have significant potential as a source of anthelmintic compounds. In the present study, we screened a collection of extracts (n = 7616) derived from marine invertebrates sampled from Australian waters in a high throughput bioassay for in vitro anti-parasitic activity against the barber's pole worm (Haemonchus contortus)-an economically important parasitic nematode of livestock animals. In this hi..

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