Book Chapter

Would you ever drink the water?

Michael Webber, Jon Barnett, Brian Finlayson, Mark Wang

Water Supply in a Mega-City: A Political Ecology analysis of Shanghai | Edward Elgar Publishing | Published : 2018


This chapter brings together the physical hydrology of the river catchment and the estuary, population growth and water demand, management of wastewater and polluting behaviours, people’s trust in the government, and the styles of government decision-making to model the possible futures for Shanghai’s water supply using a Bayesian Belief Network. Three scenarios, each with two variants, are modelled: high growth rate with an authoritarian socio-political order; slower growth, authoritarian and inflexible; slower growth, flexible, participatory and pluralist. The variants are environmental states: (a) the environment imposes increasing challenges; (b) the environment is relatively benign. Thi..

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