Book Chapter

Why don't people drink Shanghai's tap water?

Michael Webber, Jon Barnett, Brian Finlayson, Mark Wang

Water Supply in a Mega-City: A Political Ecology analysis of Shanghai | Edward Elgar Publishing | Published : 2018


Chapter 9 reinforces the central messages of this book. The Changjiang, government institutions, infrastructures and ordinary people comprise an assemblage of interacting actors. The river is a central actor that depends on inputs from the precipitation system, perhaps modified by land uses, dams, extractions and pollution. The river’s interactions with the tidal system produce a propensity to salt intrusions that can interrupt Shanghai’s water supply. Whether or not people drink this water depends on the cleanliness of the water but more on their willingness to trust the government bureaucracies to supply clean water. In other words, technical choices about forms of infrastructure and water..

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