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Electrocochleography triggered intervention successfully preserves residual hearing during cochlear implantation: Results of a randomised clinical trial

Christofer Bester, Aaron Collins, Tayla Razmovski, Stefan Weder, Robert J Briggs, Benjamin Wei, Atiqah Farah Zakaria, Jean-Marc Gerard, Alistair Mitchell-Innes, Michael Tykocinski, Richard Kennedy, Claire Iseli, Markus Dahm, Simon Ellul, Stephen O'Leary



BACKGROUND: Preservation of natural hearing during cochlear implantation is associated with improved speech outcomes, however more than half of implant recipients lose this hearing. Real-time electrophysiological monitoring of cochlear output during implantation, made possible by recording electrocochleography using the electrodes on the cochlear implant, has shown promise in predicting hearing preservation. Sudden drops in the amplitude of the cochlear microphonic (CM) have been shown to predict more severe hearing losses. Here, we report on a randomized clinical trial investigating whether immediate surgical intervention triggered by these drops can save residual hearing. METHODS: A single..

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