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Enhancing work hardening and ductility in additively manufactured β Ti: roles played by grain orientation, morphology and substructure

A Zafari, EWC Lui, M Li, K Xia

Journal of Materials Science and Technology | Elsevier BV | Published : 2022


A metastable β Ti alloy was additively manufactured by laser powder bed fusion (LPBF). Tensile testing along the build direction of the as-LPBF material (LPBF-0°) revealed significant work softening immediately following yielding with no uniform deformation. By contrast, substantial work hardening and uniform elongation well over 10% were achieved perpendicular to the build direction (LPBF-90°). Similar effects were obtained in the build direction after super transus heat treatment (LPBF-0°+HT) although the strength was slightly lowered. In addition, the yield drop phenomenon observed in both orientations of the as-LPBF materials disappeared after HT. The enhanced work hardening ability, and..

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