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Comparative genomics: Dominant coral-bacterium Endozoicomonas acroporae metabolizes dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP)

Kshitij Tandon, Chih-Ying Lu, Pei-Wen Chiang, Naohisa Wada, Shan-Hua Yang, Ya-Fan Chan, Ping-Yun Chen, Hsiao-Yu Chang, Yu-Jing Chiou, Ming-Shean Chou, Wen-Ming Chen, Sen-Lin Tang



Dominant coral-associated Endozoicomonas bacteria species are hypothesized to play a role in the coral sulfur cycle by metabolizing dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) into dimethylsulfide (DMS); however, no sequenced genome to date harbors genes for this process. In this study, we assembled high-quality (>95% complete) draft genomes of strains of the recently added species Endozoicomonas acroporae (Acr-14T, Acr-1, and Acr-5) isolated from the coral Acropora sp. and performed a comparative genomic analysis on the genus Endozoicomonas. We identified DMSP CoA-transferase/lyase-a dddD gene homolog in all sequenced genomes of E. acroporae strains-and functionally characterized bacteria capable of ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by funding from Academia Sinica. KT would like to acknowledge the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) for its fellowship. The authors would like to acknowledge support from Dr Shu-Fen Chiou during the GC experiment. We would like to thank Noah Last of Third Draft Editing for his English language editing.