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Circulating trace elements for the prediction of preeclampsia and small for gestational age babies

Daniel R McKeating, Joshua J Fisher, Teresa MacDonald, Sue Walker, Stephen Tong, William W Bennett, Tu'uhevaha J Kaitu'u-Lino, Anthony Perkins

METABOLOMICS | SPRINGER | Published : 2021


INTRODUCTION: Poor gestational outcomes due to placental insufficiency can have lifelong consequences for mother and child. OBJECTIVE: There is a need for better methods of diagnosis, and elemental metabolomics may provide a means to determine the risk of gestational disorders. METHODS: This study used blood plasma samples collected at 36 weeks' gestation from women who later developed preeclampsia (n = 38), or small-for-gestational age babies (n = 91), along with matched controls (n = 193). Multi-element analysis was conducted by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), allowing simultaneous measurement of 28 elements. RESULTS: Women who later developed PE, exhibited significa..

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