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Regulation of gene expression via translational buffering.

Eric P Kusnadi, Clelia Timpone, Ivan Topisirovic, Ola Larsson, Luc Furic

Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Res | Published : 2021


Translation of an mRNA represents a critical step during the expression of protein-coding genes. As mechanisms governing post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression are progressively unveiled, it is becoming apparent that transcriptional programs are not fully reflected in the proteome. Herein, we highlight a previously underappreciated post-transcriptional mode of regulation of gene expression termed translational buffering. In principle, translational buffering opposes the impact of alterations in mRNA levels on the proteome. We further describe three types of translational buffering: compensation, which maintains protein levels e.g. across species or individuals; equilibration, whi..

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