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AusTraits, a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora

Daniel Falster, Rachael Gallagher, Elizabeth H Wenk, Ian J Wright, Dony Indiarto, Samuel C Andrew, Caitlan Baxter, James Lawson, Stuart Allen, Anne Fuchs, Anna Monro, Fonti Kar, Mark A Adams, Collin W Ahrens, Matthew Alfonzetti, Tara Angevin, Deborah MG Apgaua, Stefan Arndt, Owen K Atkin, Joe Atkinson Show all



We introduce the AusTraits database - a compilation of values of plant traits for taxa in the Australian flora (hereafter AusTraits). AusTraits synthesises data on 448 traits across 28,640 taxa from field campaigns, published literature, taxonomic monographs, and individual taxon descriptions. Traits vary in scope from physiological measures of performance (e.g. photosynthetic gas exchange, water-use efficiency) to morphological attributes (e.g. leaf area, seed mass, plant height) which link to aspects of ecological variation. AusTraits contains curated and harmonised individual- and species-level measurements coupled to, where available, contextual information on site properties and experim..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the work of all Australian taxonomists and their supporting institutions, whose long-term work on describing the flora has provided a rich source of data for AusTraits, including: Australian National Botanic Gardens; Australian National Herbarium; Biodiversity Science, Parks Australia; Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research; Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Western Australia; Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria; Flora of Australia; Kew; National Herbarium of NSW; National Herbarium of Victoria; Northern Territory Herbarium; NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment; Queensland Herbarium; State Herbarium of South Australia; Tasmanian Herbarium; and the Western Australian Herbarium. We gratefully acknowledge input from the following persons who contributed to data collection Sophia Amini, Julian Ash, Tara Boreham, Ross Bradstock, Willi A. Brand, Amber Briggs, John Brock, Don Butler, Robert Chinnock, Peter Clarke, Derek Clayton, Steven Clemants, Harold Trevor Clifford, Michelle Cochrane, Bronwyn Collins, Alessandro Conti, Wendy Cooper, William Cooper, Ian Cowie, Lyn Craven, Ian Davidson, Derek Eamus, Judy Egan, Chris Fahey, Paul Irwin Forster, John Foster, Tony French, Allison Frith, Ronald Gardiner, Malcolm Gill, Ethel Goble-Garratt, Peter Grubb, Chris Guinane, TJ Hall, Monique Hallet, Tammy Haslehurst, Foteini Hassiotou, John Herbohn, Peter Hocking, Jing Hu, Kate Hughes, Muhammad Islam, Ian Kealley, Greg Keighery, James Kirkpatrick, Kirsten Knox, Luka Kovac, Kaely Kreger, John Kuo, Martin Lambert, Dana Lanceman, Michael Lawes, Claire Laws, Emma Laxton, Liz Lindsay, Daniel Montoya Londono, Christiane Ludwig, Ian Lunt, Mary Maconochie, Karen Marais, Bruce Maslin, Riah Mason, Richard Mazanec, Elissa McFarlane, Huw Morgan, Peter Myerscough, Des Nelson, Dominic Neyland, Mike Olsen, Corinna Orscheg, Jacob McC. Overton, Paula Peeters, George Perry, Aaron Phillips, Loren Pollitt, Rob Polmear, Hugh Possingham, Aina Price, Thomas Pyne, R.J.Williams, Barbara Rice, Jessica L. Rigg, Bryan Roberts, Miguel de Salas, Anna Salomaa, Inge Schulze, Waltraud Schulze, Andrew John Scott, Alison Shapcott, Veronica Shaw, Luke Shoo, Anne Sjostrom, Santiago Soliveres, Amanda Spooner, George Stewart, Jan Suda, Catherine Tait, Daniel Taylor, Ian Thompson, Hellmut R. Toelken, Malcolm Trudgen, W.E Westman, Erica Williams, Kathryn Willis, J. Bastow Wilson, Jian Yen. We thank H Cornelissen, H Poorter, SC McColl-Gausden, and one anonymous reviewer for feedback on an earlier draft, and K Levett for advice on data structures. This work was supported by fellowship grants from Australian Research Council to Falster (FT160100113), Gallagher (DE170100208) and Wright (FT100100910). The AusTraits project received investment (, from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).