Thesis / Dissertation

The structure and evolution of the northern Australian margin: Insights from the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt, Papua New Guinea

Luke George Mahoney, Sandra McLaren (ed.)

Published : 2021


The Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt (PFTB) in Papua New Guinea (PNG), located on the leading edge of the northern Australian continental margin, has been subject to complex tectonism as a result of its location throughout much of the Cenozoic between the obliquely converging Australian and Pacific plates. The remoteness and inhospitable terrain characterising the PFTB make it one of the least well-known fold and thrust belts on Earth. The architecture of the northern Australian continental margin has been affected by both extensional and compressional tectonic forces, which first formed, and subsequently deformed, the Papuan Basin in the period from the early Mesozoic through to the present-day..

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