Thesis / Dissertation

IFITMs & Immunity to Respiratory Viruses in the Ferret Model

William Samuel James Horman, Katherine Kedzierska (ed.)

Published : 2021


Respiratory virus outbreaks pose a major threat to human health, with many of these zoonotic threats having potential for global pandemics. In order to gain a greater understanding of these viruses, considerable research into the immune responses elicited against these pathogens occurs in the ferret model for human disease. This PhD focussed on using this model to assess two of these pandemic threats in the ferret model, whilst gaining valuable insight into the immune mechanics at work within this understudied animal model. An infection study in the ferret model was used to assess the cellular immune response against A/Anhui/1/2013(H7N9) avian influenza virus in Chapter 3. This study found ..

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