Thesis / Dissertation

Neuroanatomy and neuropathophysiology of volitional control of breathing

Pedro Henrique Trevizan Bau, Mathias Dutschmann (ed.)

Published : 2021


Patients with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and frontotemporal dementia may present laryngeal motor dysfunction even during the early stages of the disease progression. The larynx, also called the glottis, is the main valve that regulates respiratory airflow. Moreover, the muscles of the glottis are critically involved in the mediation of orofacial behaviours, such as vocalisation and swallowing. For example, glottis prevents the aspiration of foods into the lungs during swallowing. Furthermore, during speech, the vocal folds located within the glottis are vibrated by the expiratory airflow to produce sound. Post-mortem studies in patients with neurodegenerat..

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