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Genomic risk prediction of coronary artery disease in women with breast cancer: a prospective cohort study

Lathan Liou, Stephen Kaptoge, Joe Dennis, Mitul Shah, Jonathan Tyrer, Michael Inouye, Douglas F Easton, Paul DP Pharoah



BACKGROUND: Advancements in cancer therapeutics have resulted in increases in cancer-related survival; however, there is a growing clinical dilemma. The current balancing of survival benefits and future cardiotoxic harms of oncotherapies has resulted in an increased burden of cardiovascular disease in breast cancer survivors. Risk stratification may help address this clinical dilemma. This study is the first to assess the association between a coronary artery disease-specific polygenic risk score and incident coronary artery events in female breast cancer survivors. METHODS: We utilized the Studies in Epidemiology and Research in Cancer Heredity prospective cohort involving 12,413 women with..

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SEARCH is supported by the Cambridge Cancer Centre, the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK (C490/A16561). The University of Cambridge receives salary support for PDPP the from the NHS in the East of England through the Clinical Academic Reserve. Stephen Kaptoge is funded by a BHF Chair award (CH/12/2/29428). Mike Inouye is supported by the Munz Chair of Cardiovascular Prediction and Prevention and the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC-121520014) [*].