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Climate and sea‐level controlling internal architecture of a Quaternary carbonate ramp (Northwest Shelf of Australia)

Maximilian Hallenberger, Lars Reuning, Stefan Back, Stephen J Gallagher, Hokuto Iwatani, Katja Lindhorst

Sedimentology | Wiley | Published : 2021


The continental shelf of Northwest Australia hosts an extensive tropical carbonate ramp that forms an important template for the interpretation of similar systems in the sedimentary record. Yet, little is known about its development from the middle to late Quaternary, a period of high frequency glacioeustatic changes in sea-level and climate. This research describes core and seismic-reflection data from a mid-ramp to outer ramp transect at the Northwest Shelf. Core material includes the upper 70 m of International Ocean Discovery Program Site U1461 (Expedition 356), which covers the last 500 kyr. During arid glacials, sedimentation is characterized by inorganically precipitated carbonates, i..

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Awarded by German Science foundation (DFG)

Awarded by ARC Basin Genesis Hub

Awarded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was performed on samples collected during IODP Expedition 356 (Indonesian Throughflow) and was supported by a grant of the German Science foundation (DFG, RE 2697/4-1). We thank the JRSO (JOIDES Resolution Science Operator) staff and the Siem Offshore crew for their invaluable assistance and skill during Expedition 356. The Australian IODP office and the ARC Basin Genesis Hub (IH130200012) provided funding to Stephen Gallagher. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF grant 03G0257A) provided funding for the R/V Sonne expedition SO257-WACHEIO. We thank one anonymous reviewer and Julie Kupecz for their constructive reviews. We would further like to thank Sedimentology editor Eric Hiatt for summarizing and commenting on the reviews. Uwe Wollenberg and Philipp Binger (RWTH Aachen University) are thanked for their support in creating XRD and thin-section data. EasyCompany is gratefully acknowledged for providing the EasyCore software under an Academic User License Agreement. We also like to thank IHS Markit for providing Kingdom Suite as part of an Academic User License Agreement. Open Access funding enabled and organized by Projekt DEAL.