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Investigation of Vibrotactile Transducers for a Bone Conduction Sensory Feedback System

RM Mayer, S Chen, Z Li, A Mohammadi, Y Tan, G Alici, P Choong, D Oetomo

Biosystems and Biorobotics | Biosystems and Biorobotics | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2022


Bone conduction as sensory feedback interface has shown promising properties in upper limb prostheses. Longitudinal studies are essential for the enhancement of sensory feedback in upper limb prostheses and require a deployable (compact size and low cost) wearable system. This paper compares three low cost transducers to one of the current state of the art transducers utilized in audiology. The force output and total harmonic distortion of all transducers are compared. One transducer, whilst being small in size and costing a fraction of other available transducers, showed good performance.