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Longwave Infrared Photoresponse in Copper 7, 7, 8, 8-tetracyano-2, 3, 5, 6-tetraflouroquinodimethane (CuTCNQF)

S Balendhran, A Ingle, W Yan, NS Azar, H Kim, R Ramanathan, J Bullock, A Javey, V Bansal, K Crozier

2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe and European Quantum Electronics Conference | OSA & IEEE | Published : 2021


The detection of light in the longwave infrared (LWIR) region is crucial for many applications such as environmental monitoring, thermal imaging and surveillance. Many commercial LWIR photodetectors involve complex fabrication processes, require cryogenic temperatures or exhibit slow photoresponse. Hence, there is a continuous pursuit of developing room-temperature, on-chip LWIR photodetectors, using simple fabrication processes [1]. Metal-organic charge transfer complexes typically have a narrow bandgap, which allows them to absorb LWIR wavelengths [2]. Here, we report room temperature LWIR photoresponse in one such charge transfer complex, ie. copper 7, 7, 8, 8-tetracyano-2, 3, 5, 6-tetraf..

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