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Coupling Spin Defects in a Layered Material to Nanoscale Plasmonic Cavities.

Noah Mendelson, Ritika Ritika, Mehran Kianinia, John Scott, Sejeong Kim, Johannes E Fröch, Camilla Gazzana, Mika Westerhausen, Licheng Xiao, Seyed Sepehr Mohajerani, Stefan Strauf, Milos Toth, Igor Aharonovich, Zai-Quan Xu

Adv Mater | Published : 2021


Spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride, and specifically the negatively charged boron vacancy (VB - ) centres, are emerging candidates for quantum sensing. However, the VB - defects suffer from low quantum efficiency and as a result exhibit weak photoluminescence. In this work, we demonstrate a scalable approach to dramatically enhance the VB - emission by coupling to a plasmonic gap cavity. The plasmonic cavity is composed of a flat gold surface and a silver cube, with few-layer hBN flakes positioned in between. Employing these plasmonic cavities, we extracted two orders of magnitude in photoluminescence enhancement associated with a corresponding 2-fold enhancement in optically detected m..

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